What started as a service project now serves hundreds of young women each summer. It was in 2008 that Carla Jorgensen and Debbie Forrest Dayton were asked to be in charge of the service project for Girls’ Camp. They came up with an idea for the girls to make bracelets with the words “hope,” “love,” or “courage” on them to be donated to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, where women in transition receive various services. As they planned the project, the two women discussed another need. They talked about the fact that the girls themselves were facing incredible challenges and they also needed to feel hope and courage in their complicated teen years.

Sept (18)

Out of that beginning, Time to Blossom was born.

Time to Blossom Young Women’s Conference empowers young women with inner strength, courage, and confidence to reach their potential and find lasting happiness. Since our first conference in 2010, we have had eight week-long conferences that have served over 1500 young women. During the conference, young women participate in interactive, integrative, and hands-on activities that stimulate their thinking to discover who they are, who they can become, what their goals can be, and how they can accomplish those goals. The program is tailored to accommodate a variety of topics that are spiritual, social, and educational, and also focus on inner beauty, outer beauty, and leadership, all taught by exceptional speakers who center their talks on the gospel of Jesus Christ. This unique program is based in Arizona, yet serves young women from all over the United States.

In order to take our message to the young women of the world and stay current with technology, we created a new website and social media campaign to go where the young women already spend so much of their time – online. We want My Time to Blossom to become the largest site in the world where young women can go to to learn, get inspired, and become educated on positive topics to help them become their best selves. The site is LDS-based, but will attract young women of all faiths who are looking for uplifting material that will help them gain life skills and become spiritually strong. We have seen how our conferences change lives, and we hope to be able to spread the same life-changing content to young women all over the world to help them become better versions of themselves.